Three Drum Roll

The video is on this page. The Three Drum Roll in this demonstration uses one tom tom and two bass drum beaters. The foot position is set with subtle skill to optimize the mechanical resonances while feeling the limitations of the pedal springs.

109 beats are played in 36 triplets plus 1 final beat.
Your equalizer should be set with more bass and less treble due to the microphone in my Elph 100 HS Camera.


History of the Recordings of The Three Drum Roll

The band Tool has a song Aenima which features the Three Drum Roll in the middle. The beat is prominently displayed, at length, with triplets easily heard in the sparsely populated audio spectrum. The song starts with a shuffle beat and goes for 6:39 minutes. That 3 domain song is a waltz. The Three Drum Roll starts at 2:53 and continues until the 3:40 juncture. Also at 4:25, the Roll begins again for basses and snare until 5:03 minutes into the YouTube video. The waltz creates a 9 beat phrase with three triplets during the Three Drum Roll, here, with Tool.

Led Zeppelin in Good Times Bad Times used this rudiment. Even though John Bonham used one bass, it sounds like two here. The song is 2:49 long and the triplets happen at times : 0:30, 1:37, 2:14.and John 2:21.

The band called Grand Funk Railroad started out their hit, "We're an American Band" with the Three Drum Roll. The drummer Don Brewer plays eight triplets of this Rudiment.