Faster Demos

Speed Drumming
This page will show videos of the fastest double bass drum rhythms that I can do with precision. Each one will be measured to rate how many hits are made in four seconds of continuous and repeated rhythm. The goal is to play faster than in the initial videos for the four rudiments and single stroke roll. This goal is dated April 7, 2012.

The Critic

The four rudiments proposed for double bass drummers were recorded with some accents. Future recordings will try for evenness in the four drum roll. Removing all accents from the videos is not practical because tom toms sound different from bass drums.

Speed Measurements of Popular Records
The beats per second rating during a four second span will be measured off of songs by famous artists.

Viraemia ia a death metal band that shreds with fast bass drums. The song Pit of Pestilence is studied and the tempo is 120 beats per minute. This is two beats per second, making it easy to calculate the speed.The bass drums go at 16 beats per second for many seconds. There are some rests. My lawn mower gives a sound like their drummer, steady and even in its percussive combustion cycles. Their studio cuts are clear but live records of death metal bands are covered by so much noise that one cannot tell if the drum riffs are being done so well. Too bad about the singing. They have a nice band except for that.

The former drummer of Brain Drill made a video. The following video link of shows how bass drum cheating gives great results by using the HANDS to trigger MIDI samples!
Here is Brain Drill's former drummer on Roland fabric MIDI drum samples! Marco Pitruzzella is the drummer. This Magazine does not feature MIDI tricks and hair triggers that produce a sample of a powerful bass drum thud. This Magazine is about simple Mylar drum heads stretched over round drum shells. Mylar is an amazing chemical, but it burns like gasoline. Guitar picks and ping pong balls are mylar. In the olden days, airplanes used mylar for wire insulation, regardless of its burn rate. When mylar burns, it is surprising to witness for the first time. So be cool, and mylar will serve with modern advantages over the better sounding calf skins.

Speed Measurement Precision
The speed estimate of 16 hits per second for my four drum roll is a rough measurement. I look at a clock second hand and count how many cycles pass in each second. When four cycles of drumming match up with one second, that means 16 hits occurred. That seems to have a precision of measurement of a 25th of a second, I guess. That means a range of plus or minus 4% for the actual speed. That four percent figure is subject to improvement.

A second type of precision is for the drummer to really hit all six drums in a six drum roll. That is while 48 hits occur during four seconds. If one drum is missed, that causes a 2% drop of precision. Musically, we require each drum to be hit or that causes a 100% failure. Those missed drum beats can be eliminated by playing more slowly during the speed videos.

Which Will Be Fastest, 3, 4, or 6 Drum Rolls?
On April 8, the four videos of the proposed rudiments were measured for maximum speed. Here are the results:

3 Drum Roll: 11 hits per second
4 Drum Roll: 16 hits per second
5 Fiflings: 10 hits per second
6 Drum Roll: 12 hits per second

These speeds will be measured after new videos are produced to show any improvement.