Single Stroke Roll

On June 13, 2012 this fast roll was recorded:

I auditioned for a death metal band, and their leader said, "He had fairly quick feet".


Link to another Video of the Single Stroke Roll

The following link shows a video of a fast bass drum single stroke roll. The audio is not clear, but the movie is clear enough to see that Justin Rousselle's feet are doing it right.

Justin Rousselle is the drummer for Beneath The Massacre. In this live video, his feet can be seen after the 2:00 minute mark. He is playing 32nd notes in a long roll. His right heel is off the ground. His left heel is on the ground and at an angle from the footplate. The left heel bounces up a little during the roll, indicating that his ankle is pushing the pedal. It seems his right foot is driven by the leg instead of the ankle. This right handed imbalance will be evaluated and the results will go on his permanent record.