The mechanisms that are prepared for bass drum foot pedals bring a steely precision into the whims of a foot tapper. The drum sticks are some tools that are toyed with in this slow motion silent video:

Trick Mechanisms
I read about this product from England that gives two drum beats for each foot stomp. The name for finding the product is The Duallist. With two of those pedals and two bass drums, one could get speeds like I have heard from Pantera-Type bands. Maybe that is how they do it.

Cheating on Recordings
My friend has a drum machine with built-in drum rolls. When one big soft button is held down, a roll starts from the MIDI samples. The roll continues until the button is released. It occurred to me that I could assign a bass drum to this button and go forth.

My Gibraltar Pedals

The model number is...

Ancient Relics

Yesterday I auditioned for a band. They had a set there in Chicopee, so I just brought my stix. The dusty old backup set sounded good except the pedal for the bass drum was an ancient relic. The leather strap from the footplate to the cam was solid enough, but it all failed me minutes into the audition. It started out perfectly. The bass drum pedal was good enough for moderate songs, but when I got to THE SLOW PART the bass drum was a whisper. A few half-notes later, I had blundered across a passage where my bass did not pound, it whimpered while the bass drum pedal did not provide enough height for the footplate. I had to PRIME the pedal before hitting it so slowly.

Slow Motion Silent Film !

The Throne
The chair for a drummer can be a stool or a bench. Within seconds, adaptation occurs.