Audio Recordings

This page holds the drum solo sound files made with a Zoom H4N recorder.

The recordings were finished on April 27, 2012. Here is the Five Wash:

That link is for the 28 second drum solo file named 1e.mp3. It was played on a Tama drum set, made in Japan. The main drums used are the 22" bass, 16" floor tom tom, and the 13" tom tom. I am pleased.

Intro : Sixteenth Notes for Two Bars
5 Wash
Crash Intro
3 Drum Roll
4 Drum Roll
3 Drum Roll
Intro : Eight Bars
5 Wash
Cymbal Crash Ending for 28 second drum solo 1e.mp3


Here is another drum solo for 67 seconds file name 1c.mp3

There are more Zoom H4N recordings here:

All of those audio recordings feature the Five Wash, using the new time domain theories based on the 5 beat rhythm structure. Dated May 5, 2012.