Friday, March 30, 2012

For Loud Coordinated Entertainers

The sheet music on this page has four drum beats that could be called rudimentary.

The drummer of today has heard so many skilled double bass drummers that one wonders if it is real or synthesized. In heavy metal drummers we often hear rapid fire bass drums with features of compression that cause a uniform loudness in each bass beat. For example, you can listen to YouTube with the band Viraemia. Sometimes a bass drum roll sounds like a sampler is adding a bass drum heaviness to hand rolls or to a sequencer. The Looping technology is talked about for that genre of drumming. I guess all of those cheat styles are used. The rudiment of the single stroke roll has been extended into the gravity roll using one hand holding a stick. Samples that are triggered by that technique can add bass drum thumps. It's hard to believe that a drummer can go on for minutes with a smooth 32nd note roll on bass pedals, but that is what the recordings imply. How could their live performances produce such uniformity and speed? Maybe I will try a trick pedal or compression someday, but for now, Double Bass Drummer Magazine is written concerning human skills for bass pedal techniques. I use two pedals on one bass drum with two beaters.

The rudiments that are proposed are shown next:

To get the full sized score image, right click and open in new tab. These four rudiments are called :

Three Drum Roll
Four Drum Roll
Six Drum Roll

Each of these are described and a video is presented to demonstrate each double bass drum beat. See the Pages linked on the top right corner of this page.

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